Ah F.U.D.

Submitted by CowboyKen on Sun, 01/22/2023 - 07:25

Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.  FUD, its been around for a long time.  Here is a link to Wiki that describes some of the first documented uses of FUD.  I am pretty sure FUD has been around since before, it seems to be a pretty basic concept.  The idea is to sow Doubts, and second thoughts into processes that should be clear.  Let me give you some examples, then I will explain who is vulnerable and how we can help them.

Is the world a Flat disk like Shape or a Roundish kind and wider at the equator spherical shape?

Should I get a vaccine in the middle of a pandemic, do I believe the propaganda on the social networks or the data and science from the peer reviewed published journals?

Did Jeffery Epstein take his own life, despite that fact that he was heading to prison for a LONG TIME as a WELL KNOWN Pedophile, and Pedophiles have a short life expectancy while often being called the pin cushion as they absorb jabs from homemade blades and shafts in the cell block if left without adequate supervision.  I don't recall anyone willing to PAY to make sure Jeff was PROTECTED.  So, he did what is right by him and eliminated years of suffering.  Meanwhile DUF, is being sown.  By who and why, I ask day to day, but I am denied the person behind the drape. 

Innocent Jeffery Dahmer

The kids they dance and shake their bones and politicians are throwing stones as we sing Ashes to Ashes we all fall down.  If we are not mindful and careful we may leave this shining ball of blue we call our home an empty stone, and the way that happens is with Too many Humans, sown with Fear Doubts and our friend Uncertainty about the function of the tools created by their fathers, grandmothers, and great grandparents from the greatest Generation, with its nuclear powers and what that all means.  We have entitled Brats running the country at times, that lack the basic education to make simple logical clear decisions.  As a result, we are told that these kids feelings need to be validate despite where the validation might lead.  Clearly, we as a society lack HEALTHY LIMITS and Boundries that protect us from ourselves.  As a result, the flat earth folks feelings are more important than providing the tools, resources and most important MONEY, to make sure these Folks know the Truth, and how to form deductions from a hypothesis that can be tested replicated and PEER reviewed.

Thought Baiting

I am not here to point fingers and form MORE CONSPIRACY CRAP, when it reality the conspiracy has CLEARLY BEEN NOBODY wants to pay their fair share, and EVERYONE wants something for nothing. So we are all to blame. 

The FUD is a creation of something called Path Dependence.  Once you embark on a path the further you go, the more dependent on that path you become.  To diverge and create a new path gets to be nearly impossible the further you go, but..Noticing the issue is the first step to solve the problem.