I have a dream

Submitted by CowboyKen on Mon, 01/16/2023 - 05:59

Today is January 16. Normally you would think that I would be tuned in enough to realize that it is Martin Luther King day. However, on this day, I’m caught up in my own little world studying trying to get brushed up on some material for my final exams next month. I went to check the markets and noticed that the stock market was closed. I was curious why and I really feel terrible for being so unaware and unconscious. Not mindful of the fact that it was Martin Luther King day. I decided that it was time to blog. 

I have a dream! I have a dream that one day all of our brothers and sisters our children will be treated as equals no matter what herbs they decide to indulge in. I have a dream that the coffee achievers can be coffee achievers. I have a dream that the cannabis dreamers can dream, a new reality for us that is better and more kind and conscientious than what we have now. I have a dream that we treat all of our brothers and sisters with respect as we form a new resource based economy. It’s time that we start looking at the root causes of why the war on drugs was created, and had a disproportional outcome on the people of color. Why was that? I make the argument that it was to maintain control of the resources by an elite few.

I have a dream that we treat all of our brothers and sisters, and our children with the respect and honesty of whatever mother earth can produce without asking our mother to go on a diet.