Conservative My Ass!

Submitted by CowboyKen on Fri, 12/16/2022 - 16:42
Tax Payers Welcome

The proletariat migration continues; human labor coming to toil at the teaming shores where amber waves of grain, give us your poor huddled masses and we will force them into concentration camps at the border, take children from their adult custodians, marginalize and then bus the potential tax payers to distant destinations at great financial foil, bulging the burden beyond its bounds begging for a bigger better spending package, and use them as political pons in an economic war of the bourgeoisie vs. the proletariat.  If we said to our politicos; I want you to form the STUPIDEST and most INHUMANE plan possible and in the process spend the maximum amount of tax payer money possible, maybe we could do better than what we have now?    I have to ask myself, as a conservative, how does building a wall and keeping the taxable labor out of the system pay down the debit? It doesn't.  Who does it serve?  Well, let me tell you.  The folks that are allowed by law to print "money", it serves them well.  You can not Print Money.  Money-Capital can not be created nor destroyed.  Value is transformed from one form to another just like Energy.  High Energy state, and A Low Energy state.  High Value, and Low Value.  The more bills printed, the less value in those notes.  The value is transformed from the middle class proletariat working class as they toil for those fake notes of value that the bourgeoisie class call money.  Meanwhile, the west continues to dry, and the croplands bring home less bushels of corn, while today we reached a NEW RECORD here on planet earth.  More Humans than yesterday as we pull some value from the bottom to stack another Jenga Block on the tower and see how high we can go before she tumbles.


Remember Jonathon Swift and his modest solution?  Feed that babies of the poor to the rich and tax them for the tasty and expensive babies.

CowboyKens Modest Solution

I have a novel idea.  See the agents at the border.  Hand them a stack of 1099 forms, retrain the officer to say welcome to America, we are broke, in debt, our country suffers from violence, racism and xeonophobia, good luck and welcome to America we need you to get to get a job, toil and work long hard hours for less than a living wage to pay down our debt that we created all while pointing a finger at your "socialist country" and as you come looking for hard labor and Indentured servitude you have found it, despite the fact that you are not really welcome.  Isn't that really more in line with reality and addresses the problem of all the whiners that just want another Tax Break.  Tax Payers Welcome, for a resource based economy, that provides prosperity for all of those that contribute.