Humans acting like rats that evolved from Yeast, and Musks trip to Mars

Submitted by CowboyKen on Sun, 12/04/2022 - 04:08

 Maybe you didn't catch the lesson's from Hawkins and Einstein we are eventually doomed.  This is our chance to spread life around a universe in which we have NOT found other life as of yet.  Its important because until we find other "life" we are it....And we are on a dooms day course with a black hole the way I understand it.  The idea is to start to adapt humans to being planet jumpers so we just become the rats of the universe.  Pretty cool for a species that really isn't much more advanced than yeast.

Rats in Space

The above image is the first rat in space

Dec. 12, 1960 - Hector will be the most famous rat in France in two months. He will be traveling to space in the rocket ''Veronique'' in February. He will be the first French animal to go to space. Placed in a container with instruments to record his reactions,

With a little planning this time we might not fuck up the Universe..We had to learn some lessons here on Earth first.

    Remember the Earth First movement?  Imagine that becoming a leftist populist militant movement.  As the squeeze for resources happens and the Elite fuckers saying I got mine and your got yours.  The current fashion sets the pace, as there are leftist in Santa Cruz that are Trump supporters and somehow believe its related to JFK.  Imagine complete anarchy as we decide to see if we can afford another tax break with cheaper oil while we adjust how many humans this place can actually support.  It's that or we start to find other soil to till, and adopt alternative strategies to the same old problems.  Because NOBODY wants to limit BABY's..Oh not the BABIES..You can not say ANYTHING about babies unless your name is Johnathan Swift and you come up with a modest proposal.  Humans are too stupid to help themselves; As my grandma Pocahontas used to say some people won't get out of their own way to help themselves, and as rats and yeast are the best models we have as we "evolved" from them.  Given this model of life.  We can either become wine and just age in the bottle until someone comes along to makes us part of dinner, or we can find new habitats to adapt to.  My guess is we find new habitats and let evolution do its thing.

Have a great day folks be resilient and learn to adapt, or not.