Do you Remember When...

Submitted by CowboyKen on Sun, 07/17/2022 - 06:40

Its like a Paul Harvey story.. Do you remember when oil out of control with the "Arabs" trying to stick it to America and the American way of life?  How did that happen?  Once upon a time France came collecting on a debt, and they ask for the Gold and Silver to cover the debt.  This nearly Broke the United States Treasury.  So, then seeing what happened, when it was time for England to accept payment they took the bait.  The Fake Printed Notes.  How did that happen CowboyKen?  Well Nixon made a deal with them there Arabs...He said, look we will take care of you, and give you "Protection" in exchange you make SURE all OIL is settled in US Dollars.  This ensured the fake notes to appear to have value as they say in Asia it allowed US to save Face, the faces of Dead Presidents...So, for DECADES, the central bankers have injected Capital into the system based upon their Modern Monetary Policy of Neo Conservative LIBERAL policies that have created Social Decay, and Sponsored Conflict after Conflict into War after War, and now what?

Here is a little Paul Harvey to listen to.  He talked about what is happening today in this episode.

Do you remember when Bitcoin was allowed to be Printed and be mined out of control without limits or thought about what its actions have upon the earth?  Do you remember when the HASH RATE (THE NUMBER OF MINERS MINING) was sky high and China said hey our INDUSTRY needs those resources so they put CONTROLS in place.  DO you remember when, the ECONOMY was getting wobbly so INDUSTRY WHICH for at least a CENTURY and had without limits and controls yet was too BIG to FAIL, was given some FAKE PRINTED MONEY?  Do you see how taking care of the resources is the key to making all that work?

Let them eat Cake

Do you remember when the Central Bankers took Notice of the Social Decay and wars that they have printed up with their fake Economic THEORY?  They seem to only take notice when its time to Eat Cake.