I Don't Usually Do this UPDATED 10% up in a Week

Submitted by CowboyKen on Tue, 07/12/2022 - 05:24
Rising Sun

I have gathered enough data to start sharing.  You don't have to do what I do, in fact better if you don't then you can not blame me.  I use basket market differential heterodox analysis, a lot of Jargon Eh!

With that said what is in your basket there CowboyKen?

KMD, Komodo Why?  Atomic Dex and its built in privacy features

BCH Bitcoin Cash Why?  Its undervalued relative in the market and it will have a good day again the miners are betting on it

Dash Why?  Did I mention Privacy?  Proof of Work?  And Relative value?  That is why...

Eos Why?  Also undervalued and has lots of upside.  As they say its like ETH but without the problems.



All of the above predictions came in at least 10% higher in the last 6 days.


Do you always make 10% a week CowboyKen?  Not in Dollars you have to be able to survive the market on the downturn without taking any value out of the market. Its called SideWays Trading.  The Position on any asset is like an orbital of an electron.  We can not know exactly where it is, but we know within 80-90% probability factor of where it should be, and if its not there then it went to another level, relative to its friends and enemies. 

Continue to hold those assets until further notice.  Feel free to trade in between these assets based upon their relative position to each other.  What do you mean by that CowboyKen?  Well for example there are 84 Million LTC litecoin and there are 21 Million BCH bitcoin-cash.  What is the ratio or relation between the two?  4:1...Yup Still 4:1 and tomorrow you know what it will be?  4:1.  What is the relation between the USD and the EUR about 1:1 at the moment.  A decade ago about 1:1.25...Meanwhile in a decade from now, the Ratio between BCH:LTC will remain at what?  Yup that is right 4:1.  So who is more "Predictable"?  Yup you got it, the crypto which isn't manipulated by central bankers, and this theme shall be continued in another post.