Attention Demanding Behaviour

Submitted by CowboyKen on Tue, 07/05/2022 - 03:42
Attention Seeker

With increasing incidence appearing on the scene are kids demanding attention.  By one means or another the youth will not tolerate the lost prosperity.  As we yearn to celebrate our independence, again come to question the right to bear arms.  I would argue the right to bear arms is sufficient to induce stress into an over worked population.  I would argue that the right to bear arms does not neglect our obligations to society; The right to Prosperity in the form of the pursuit of Happiness being stepped upon every time a shooter expresses their need for help.  The right to pursue Happiness is infringed upon by every citizen regardless of color, religion or creed.  Back to the Gun Control thing.  Are you trying to take away my guns there Cowboy?  No! I would however like for those that seek attention to get it.  Take a look at this kid, you don't need to be a psychiatrist to see this guy is seeking attention.  We don't yet know if this kid was a dropout or if he was "processed" through the machine so that another fresh batch comes through?  In any case, the system missed this one.  Eventually we will get to the whole Dead Kennedy's Kinky Sex solution if we are not mindful and just let things sort themselves out.