The Race is On [UPDATED]

Submitted by CowboyKen on Tue, 06/14/2022 - 01:46
Apple as a function of AJRD

The data here shows just 3 months of data from the war in Ukraine. We are looking at AAPL Apple Computer, as a function of AJRD a rocket defense company. I will keep it short here, AAPL is the most capitalized corporation in the Free world. I am told there are larger in China. However, lets compare ALL that capital to Rocket stocks that are Taking off and heading for the havens. Safe Haven is Defense stocks that know how to knock down incoming Flack.


You can see the race is on, one stock AAPL running side by side with AJRD, and AAPL is clearly losing the race.  Why is that?  The markets are out of your control and out of my control.  We are on a path dependent on our past spending.  Lets look forward to what the A.I. bots have for us.


Here we see LDOS in the race with AAPL and we see, again, CLEARLY.  The A.I. bots are betting on the rockets stocks like Leidos while shorting AAPL. Ok, one more;


If there is one thing we can say...The bots are betting on trouble as they short the market on other stocks to fund the RAPID at LIGHTSPEED development of technologies that knock down incoming threats.  The above is RTX Raytheon Technologies Corporation

Expect the unexpected. 


In the news today, China raises their hand to being among the club of industrial nations that can effectively knock down incoming flack.  Tik Tok goes the clock, the time goes by.  The Super Position is rather high.  One day you might be with your lover, beneath the might of a rocket that comes to form the pocket of safety as we run for cover.  Watch us run, watch us hide, we got this one as we take it in stride.  Stay Calm and Carry On, as the Dome of Protection is in the plan.  We could have spent and we could have planned, to NOT to do this again.  In the interest of progress and with the will of might they continue to fight.  Struggle with all of our might, don't look up.