Strangest of Places

Submitted by CowboyKen on Fri, 06/03/2022 - 18:10

A little heterodox, differential market analysis with some two slit Young analysis mixed in.  We can compare the photons of value in the market, one Rocket Stock next to another.  By doing so we can expose the interference patterns to utilize as vectors of light and darkness to be our guide.  Have you ever been on an airplane with blackout or whiteout conditions?  Try coming in for a landing without crashing and burning.  Maybe its time to hit the throttle and rocket back up to safer altitudes.  One never knows until the threshold comes can you see the run way YES or NO.  But how can you even get near the runway without some guides to vector your way back in.  So, here is how we get the Vector from Hector, and crush the capitalist at their own game.  One could argue that TSLA is NOT a Rocket stock,. However given that SPACEX is not traded on the open market, and Elon sucks funds from TSLA to shoot Rockets to SPACEX, thus we can compare to another Rocket stock gunning for profits in an every insecure economy.  In the below analysis we have TSLA as a function of AJRD.  Another Traditional Rocket stock.  Please take a look at today's numbers to see who is taking off and who is getting left on the ground.  Just in one day it takes 10% less AJRD to buy one share of Elon and his vision to Mars.  Why is that?  Elon has warned us about A.I. and the implications it has upon us.  He has sounded the alarm more than once.  When the A.I. bots start placing bets like this one must at least open ones eyes and Please Do Look Up.  As the price of EVERYTHING is on the rise.  The demand for the finite resources speaks in the markets, and the markets say Defense Rocket Stocks are Taking Off and heading to the moon faster that Bitcoin. 







I use this type of analysis to see small dots of value in the markets moving where others are blinded by the darkness;

Young's two slit


For furthure pleasure while you are at work and on the bosses dime, follow this link and play with the interactive two slits to get a feel for one source of Value (The Central Bank) and the many slits the value must pass through before we get shown the light in strangest of places when we look just right.