Evolving Primates

Submitted by CowboyKen on Sat, 05/28/2022 - 08:02

I wrote a few days ago about a High School Drop out.  This was the label placed upon the shooter that took so many young lives with a futures ahead.  A High School Drop Out.  My history of consciousness education tells me those words were chosen carefully.  They were chosen to degrade the needs of the shooter and to marginalize this person as a one off, suggesting this is out of the norm.  The problem with that statement is that we as a nation have become more of a nation that produces High School Drops outs, and with it more and more of the violence and discord, that goes along with lost prosperity.  In Northern California the Richest State in the Richest Nation in the Known Universe, and we have flat earthers expounding their old rhetoric.  I am told that I must respect their feelings as they truly believe the earth is flat.  What are you saying there CowboyKen?  I am saying that ignorance has become a religion.  I am not calling these folks stupid, because they are FAR from stupid, but Ignoring the facts they  are.  Often these are the same folks that have doubts and need to do their own research ignoring the facts, and the science to encounter a writer of satire in the cloud somewhere and then believing the less than reproducible science.  These are the folks that also are likely to believe that an education and certainly a Public Education are just programming of how society wants you to be.  Let me address that, YES that is exactly what it is.  You hit the nail on the head and win a prize.  But, at that point you don't continue with the WHY?   Why does civilization and society need you to be educated with the facts and science that have gotten us to the point where we are today?  If we neglect this question we find ourselves degrading as a society relegated to rediscover why and how the innovation got us to where we are today, and those my amigos are called steps backwards in evolution.

We already have on the books compulsory education; Here is a link

Why not enforce the laws on the books and deny the High School Drop out part?  Kids in School are too busy doing homework and getting ready to become tax payers to pick up a gun.  Stimulated, Challenged Primate Brains Find Better Projects than Buy an AR and Shoot it up.  Its that simple.  The Flat Earthers are Winning. We can not let that happen.

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