Another Mass Shooting

Submitted by CowboyKen on Wed, 05/25/2022 - 14:09

Another mass shooting.  Another day of morning.  More finger pointing and most importantly more sitting on our hands and just saying this is the American Way of life.  Let me be the devils advocate.  Had that High School Drop out been mandated to classes and gotten the support he needed then maybe he might not have had time to think about buying an AK-47 or and AR-15.  Assault Riffle, AR, what does a kid need with an assault riffle?  He needs to go and assault.  Why could we not meet the kids needs.  Why not address the issues for what they are.  We need more Quality in our humans.  We don't need more Humans, we have enough humans, we have TOO many Humans.  We have Humans Eliminating Humans trying desperately to call attention to the root needs. 

What are those root needs CowboyKen?  Those root needs are basic security, and prosperity.  For the last 50 Years, half a century, the richest country in the known universe has axed social programs, made cutbacks,  and overall cut the budget on the future in exchange for a little quick profit on the portfolio this quarter.  Those cuts, started with Ronald Reagan cutting the budget and opening the psychiatric facility doors, releasing at risk humans to the public and thus the homelessness began.  One by one the homeless population grew as a result.  These at risk people living on the fringe were encouraged to work have kids.  They did...Now as my daughter points out.  Dad, its just too easy to go from paying your rent, all is good food in the fridge, to got sick lost the job, can not pay the rent this month and now homeless living in a car.  The kids know it.  They can feel the desperation for the lost prosperity of the American way of life. 

Now, ironic.  The party of Reagan calling for better mental health coverage.  Full circle.  The idea of funding schools has not been able to depart their gabbers.  The hot air coming out of the mouth of the Governor of the Gun state leaves an impression, but actually do something to address the issue other than another tax break, more hot air, and a silent moment is in order.  A bunch of sit on your hands do nothings there in the Gun State.  It kind of reminds me of the deer that just stairs at the lights and doesn't think to jump and move..Just sits there and gets hit by the car as the bullets fly kids with AR's and underfunded schools, health care, and social security nets.  Over Fund Schools, Over Fund Health Care, and do put those kids at risk on a list and get them the extra help they deserve.  No more tax cuts for Bezos in exchange for a desperate work force.  Soon we will see the same routine in those Amazon warehouses and people will be stupid enough to ask why?  Because the prosperity has been lost with every Dollar printed up in the last 50 years without some kind of collateral value.  The collateral value was stolen from the social fabric of society.  If you go to the market and get a pair of Knock off Levis you know it. They just don't feel the same and they Weigh less.  The weight of value in the fabric of our society has been removed thread by thread until the point we see today.  The Happy Days of the 1950's and 60's came at great cost, and we spent that value printing up fake humans in exchange for a little profit for a few. 

Fund, the schools, and mandate an education until a tax payer is produced. 

Fund, Health Care to ensure we have a healthy and capable workforce.

In the process we will help the cream rise to the top and the people at risk in need get their needs met.  Adding more children with Guns to the Equation would not be prudent at this juncture.