Less is More

Submitted by CowboyKen on Mon, 05/16/2022 - 23:33

The google model for success; while appearing to have less, just a white page, yet dense with content of High Value for the real estate consumed.


Next we have, the American Model of more is More.  More Feces on the streets as America cranks out the crap from the left and the right with no end in sight. 

The federal government ran a deficit of $3.1 trillion in fiscal year 2020, more than triple the deficit for fiscal year 2019. This year's deficit amounted to 15.2% of GDP, the greatest deficit as a share of the economy since 1945.


Meanwhile, this is what Sri Lanka currently faces a budget deficit of $6.8 billion (2.4 trillion Sri Lankan rupees), or 13% of their GDP. Which in turned caused, Sri Lanka down to last day of petrol, Prime Minister tells crisis-hit nation

That could not happen here in a free market economy, says people like Thomas Kamin a long time friend and idealist of Republican values.  Sri Lanka is a free market economy. 

What happens there Happens Here; A few years ago my friends on the right wing-nut spin out made fun of the problems of scarcity that was seen by the people of Venezuela.  I will save you the google search for the memes of the mocking of humans suffering while making excuses for such mocking of the suffering.  Some are never short to mock and deny suffering of humans but that is Humanity.

Things didn’t seem like they could get any worse for newly elected Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. But then the country ran out of toilet paper.

The Maduro administration announced Wednesday that his government will import 50 million rolls of TP to help clean up the situation and called on Venezuelans to stay calm as some opposition media opponents criticized his administration for the stinky state of affairs.

But, what happens there; Be careful when you mock, because what you mock you might just get.  Its kind of like a wish.  Be careful what you wish for because you are likely to get it.

On a recent Friday afternoon in western Iowa, a man was waiting in line to buy toilet paper at a local Dollar General store when another customer started giving the man grief about it, according to local police.  

At issue was the amount of toilet paper being purchased. After feeling threatened by the other customer's aggressive behavior, the toilet paper buyer displayed a gun in self-defense.


What are you saying there CowboyKen?  Less is more.  The google model.  We need to focus on high quality content with our real estate.  That does not mean more hooves on the field.


You all have a great day.