Babies and Baby Formula

Submitted by CowboyKen on Sun, 05/15/2022 - 06:32

Today's news brings us shortages of Baby formula.  The scapegoat is the man in the White House.  As if he can still attain an erection and make a baby.  A pandemic came along with a warning message.  What is the message?  The earth is reaching its carrying capacity, and the American solution is to end abortion and have more babies.  Got too many babies and not enough formula?  Have more babies.  I can not make up this stuff.  This is the news today.  Once upon a time there was a planet that had a limited amount of sunlight and rainfall.  Then the inhabitants brought the planet to the limit as signs of pandemic, war, and famine all were calling.. America blames and NEVER take responsibility for their action. Our policy is to just continue the orgy and have YET more babies.  It an interesting way to ensure evolution.  But hey part of Darwin's theory says reproduce in quantity and then expect some attrition.  Too bad we can not be like the cannabis crowd.  What do you want more?  Or Higher Quality?  Higher Quality is Better than more crap.  More homelessness with feces on the street seems to be what the SCOTUS has in mind for us.  More is not always better, More people more demand for food, More people more demand for space in school.  The conservative solution is to cut the school budget and issue a tax break.  The Liberals, can not decide What the important issues are and Bidden is High On Himself.  Once upon a time there was a great depression, the banks closed and didn't re-open.  There were food lines and poverty, then came FDR.  Get ready for the hard left turn with a populist flavor.  Imagine you no longer have the liberty to have babies and over populate the earth without providing proof of support for the Human Baby you bring into the world.  The local SPCA animal shelter does a better job at screening caregiver-parents for their puppies than we as humans do for the Baby humans.  Save the Kids.  Kids Lives Matter as such no babies without proof of support all the way through University.  My name is not Jonathon Swift, but he had a modest proposal also.