Making Whine

Submitted by CowboyKen on Wed, 05/11/2022 - 04:39

I love it when people Whine about the foreigners that come to OUR land that we "rightfully" took from the previous inhabitants.  Okay maybe we didn't take it so RIGHTFUL.  The truth is it was taken at the point of a gun and made fact with the near extinction of the Bison.  There was a lot of work involved. 

Today's is the story of Yeast.  Once upon a time there was colony of yeast cells and they decided to have babies.  These babies grew up and prospered and they too had babies.  It was a party and there was lots of Alcohol to around, so they fornicated and had yet more babies.  The interesting thing is that when it came time to vote, some of of the conservative yeast noticed their cousins had mutated and now produce more than the original colony, and as such could no longer tolerate the alcohol levels. 

Build a wall said the lazy yeast that only could produce 3%...Make em work harder and tell them its the American way said a few of the older and more prosperous yeast.  Meanwhile, the Alcohol levels rose every year. The once in a thousand year storms became more frequent.  The rivers dried up, the lakes became empty and the land became barren, and the surprising thing is the yeast.  All they did is make some Whine.  They didn't self regulate, and slow down production,  They began to dye in their own waist.  As the attrition and decay began you could see yeast on the side of the road where there was once a middle class average yeast, now a homeless and forgotten about yeast, dying in its own waist.  Meanwhile PREP-PERS made some spores and stashed some seeds to wait for another day; when conditions for prosperity would lead the way.