Rainmakers how we got it wrong

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If you google Rainmaker this is what you come across at the top of the search;

What Is a Rainmaker?


Barclay Palmer

Updated June 25, 2021

Fact checked by

Suzanne Kvilhaug

A rainmaker is any person who brings clients, money, business, or even intangible prestige to an organization based solely on his or her associations and contacts. The rainmaker is usually regarded highly within the company by other employees and is a key figure like a principal, partner, or executive. The term is sometimes used in the context of political fundraising as well.


Meanwhile this is what a real rainmaker does;

The word rainmaker comes from someone that could summons the god(s) and requests rain to make the crops green and the landscape rich with prosperity.  The keyword Prosperity.  


You want more on top?  Support your Base,  Invest in your base, make your base fat.  You will enjoy growth when your base rises up a bit, and a rainmaker knows that.  A rainmaker knows the gift from the god(s) are handed down to the earth to grow.

Plant the Seed;  

A Rainmaker knows to Put the seed in the Ground, pay the rainmaker to to the science, send it to committee and when it comes back Green New Deal do it.  Prosperity is Planted,  and comes in many ways.  We control our destiny and it is paramount that we invest in our future like our future depends on it. 

Bioenergy crop expansion could remove CO2 at scale but cause water stress: NUS-led study

One problem leads to another, the solution to the problem in the above link Water..Rain...Rainmakers in quantity passing the homeless encampments minding the economy, profits, and investor satisfaction levels in the form of the ever loving Dopamine Rush, and disrespecting the eco-money eco system have brought us the problems and THE solutions we have today.  

As the west is drying up, and NOTHING LIVES without water

The Solutions will need to be innovative and effective, the humans will need to be adaptive and resilient or the future could suck.  But, one thing is for sure we need the Rainmakers on Wall Street, to take seminars, and then invest in the multilevel marketing plan the Rainmakers in the Rain Forrest have in mind. Its a Jungle out there, and before the snakes come and take scare away all the easy prey.  Invest in the Green New Deal even if its not mandated by the predators in congress and do it as it your future depends on it.  Because its NEVER TOO LATE TO LOOK UP!